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Bathing services are available at Osborne Animal Clinic in Decatur Alabama. We provide basic hygiene care bathing for dogs and cats with Veterinary grade shampoo.

By keeping your pet's grooming needs up to date, you can prevent matting and skin issues. All patients must be fully vaccinated according to our boarding policies in order to receive a bath.

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Pet Ear Cleaning

The cleaning of your pet's ears is a simple procedure in which we clean the ear using pet-approved ear cleaning solution and a paper towel. We are highly trained in the anatomy of your pet's ear so that we may clean it properly and safely without damaging the ear canal or ear drum.


Anal Sac Expression

The anal sacs are located on the inside of your pet's rectum and produce an odoriferous excretion that marks their feces. When they are clogged and need expressing, they will release as your pet defecates. Your pet's anal glands may be expressed when their excretions are expressed. We check for problems or infections when we express your pet's anal glands. We clean up afterward, so your pet's rear is clean and odorless.

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Pet Nail Trimming 


Is your dog or cat scratching you around the house, or clicking a lot? We're here to help. We can provide nail trims, ensuring we slice the nails as short as possible without harming the quick (a blood supply to the nail). Nail health is improved with regular trims. We can also examine nails and paws for potential issues by doing so.

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