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New Patients //

At our veterinary clinic in Decatur Alabama, we take pride in caring for our patients and serving their owners and our community. Our Osborne Animal Clinic team is supported by years of experience and a true passion for pets.

Here is what to expect during your first visit to our clinic to make the process smoother for you and your pet. If your pet has seen another veterinarian those records would be helpful and we ask you to bring those to the first visit

Get you and your pet settled 

It would save us some time if you completed our New Patient Form before your appointment. Please come 10 minutes early to fill out the New Patient Form and get settled in. 

Meet your new Veterinarian

Our team members will examine your pet's medical history and discuss any issues they might have. You may ask any questions you want, and we will answer them.

Examination, Diagnosis & Treatment

Your veterinarian will work with you to establish a treatment regimen for your pet once a diagnosis has been made. After your pet has been evaluated by a veterinarian, we will offer you treatment alternatives. We will keep a record of our diagnosis, our discussion with you, and your pet's care plan after you visit with us.

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